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** No data found matching your search criteria **

The data presented here may not match the data in published versions of Fisheries of the United States (FUS) or those in the NMFS Office of Science and Technology (ST) web queries for the following reasons:

  • The data is non-confidential and may not reflect true totals, as confidential data has been removed. Totals published in the Fisheries of the United States and in the ST web sites include an aggregated total of confidential landings.
  • The data presented here may have been updated more recently than those in the published Fisheries of the United States or available through the ST web queries.
  • Some species are reported by data providers in meat weight vs. live weight. Please see the partner provided metadata for these details.
  • Only species with landings are being displayed in the species selection box. Click below for species with no landings.