How to Run USCG Vessels Query

How to Refine USCG Vessel Search Results

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How to Run USCG Vessels Query


1. To run a USCG Vessel query first select the Vessel Identifier (Vessel Number, Vessel Name, or Hull ID) you would like to search by, then type the identifer in the textbox and click the Run Report button.


2. The results will appear on the right side of the page by Vessel Name, Year Built, Vessel Service, Reg. Length, USCG Number, Hail Port, and Vessel ID. Additionally, you can click on a vessel name to view the full vessel details.

From there, you can further refine the search results by selecting which columns to show, the amount of rows to display per page, and filter or sort the results.


How to Refine USCG Vessel Search Results

How to adjust the columns displayed in the report

1. Click on the Format & Download button and click on Select Columns to open the Select Columns window. Next, you can adjust the columns that are shown by moving column names between the left and right panes. You can also change the order in which the columns appear in the report with the arrows to the right of the Display in Report pane.


How to adjust the amount of rows per page

(A) Navigate between pages using the arrows in the upper-right corner or the report, or (B) change the amount of rows per page by clicking on the Format & Download button, hovering over Rows Per Page and selecting the number that best suits your needs.


How to sort the report results

(A) Click on the column heading name to open the sort control dialog that has options to sort ascending, sort descending, hiding the selected column, and control break. You can also type text to sort by into the filter box next to the magnifying glass.

(B) Alternatively, Click on the Format & Download button > hover over Format and then click Sort to open the Sort Dialog that will have options to sort columns, direction, and where to sort null values.

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Additional Information

Vessel Documentation Data Restrictions

Some caveats with the USCG vessels data:

The United States Coast Guard has ceased providing Personal Identifying Information (PII) previously included in the data which comprise the report "Merchant Vessels of the United States" also known as the "List of Documented Vessels." That report's data is the content for NOAA's searchable database accessible on this webpage. All questions regarding the availability of PII data must be addressed to or the following address:

WASHINGTON DC 20593-7710

You can access our copy of the United States Coast Guard's (USCG) vessel data base and extract vessel characteristics and documentation. This data base is updated periodically. Our query program only retrieves data about vessels which are craft that are 5 net tons or larger and are documented by the USCG. Craft less than 5 net tons ("boats") are numbered by individual states.

Contact the USCG Vessel Documentation Center for vessel title and lien information.

Access the following link to download ���Merchant Vessels of the United States" in various formats. This data does not include PII.

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